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Director Shankar’s sharp acumen in supporting quality content through ‘S Pictures’ comes to the fore once again in Eeram directed by debutant Arivazhagan. Although paranormal subjects are not something new, the narrative style, technical wizardry and the brilliant camera work give Eeram, the real eerie experience.

Aadhi and Sindhu Menon are in love and when Aadhi asks Sindhu’s hand in marriage, Sindhu’s dad agrees but Aadhi’s aspirations to become a police officer stand in the way. And the couple drifts away with a lot of heartache. After a while Sindhu gets married to Nandha and starts a normal life in an apartment complex. A deliberate lie by Nandha to find out if his wife had an earlier love affair results in Sindhu revealing her past innocently which sows the seed of doubt in Nandha’s mind and her murder later on. The subsequent murders of many people responsible directly and indirectly for Sindhu’s death by her spirit take the audience on a thrilling rollercoaster ride which forms the rest of Eeram.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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